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The following are a few highlights of our response to this pandemic:


Medication and Supplies:
*Our medication supply has been evaluated and additional orders are being placed via vendors with DEA approval. We have been informed that supply should not be interrupted.
*All essential supplies are being stocked.


For Our Patients:
*Upon a new client’s initial call, our Intake staff will screen individuals for recent travel and potential exposure to the coronavirus.


At our Clinic:
*You are being asked to call the clinic for a medical screening before arriving if you have been exposed to COVID-19, have traveled recently to locations that have many COVID-19 cases, and have symptoms of fever and cough.
*Symptomatic patients will be removed from lobby and public areas of our

Our Healthy Environments:

In addition to our normal rigorous cleaning regimen, frequently touched surfaces within our facilities will be cleaned with antiseptic solutions regularly throughout The day and night.

*All of our staff will continue to wash their hands frequently throughout the day.
*All of our staff will wear PPE when indicated for protection against potential infectious agents and to protect you.
*Any staff presenting with symptoms will be asked to stay at home for the recommended period of time.

We are all in this together and we promise to do our part. We strongly encourage all patients and staff to continue to follow CDC updates and guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns about any of our protocols, please contact your counselor or the Front Office Staff.



Medication Assisted Treatment for Opiate Use Disorder

If you’re reading this, then there’s a good chance that you or someone you know is suffering from the disease that is addiction...
At Santa Rosa Treatment Program, we’ve created a warm and nurturing environment in which patients are encouraged to find clarity and peace with who they are. Our Out Patient program uses a combination of Medication Assisted Treatment and one-on-one counseling to help individuals take back control of their life and overcome addiction.


Since the late 1960's Methadone Treatment has proved to be the most effective treatment for individuals who are addicted to or physically dependent on opiates. Methadone is safe, effective and one of the most heavily researched modalities of addiction treatment. Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT) works by decreasing and/or eliminating the urge to use, stopping withdrawal symptoms and acting as a blockade to prevent the euphoric effects of illicit opiates.



Our treatment services are catered toward coming up with long-term solutions to our patients’ problems. Using Medicated Assisted Treatment, One-on-one Counseling and outside referrals, we do everything in our power to help you succeed in breaking the cycle of addiction and rebuild your life.


Medication assisted treatment involves the administration of medication daily at our treatment facility. Our program is an excellent choice for individuals who have found abstinence based treatment to be ineffective or for those who are unable to take time away from home and work for inpatient treatment.

Intake for treatment services is Monday through Friday and will take roughly 3 hours, please bring photo ID.

Call our Intake Coordinator for pre-intake screening. 

(707) 576-0818

Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment





Opiate addiction is a wildly rising epidemic in our community. 


Our Outreach team works in the community, with local agencies and one-on-one with individuals to provide education about Addiction and Opiate Use Disorder. Our goal is to deliver comprehensive information about the nature of addiction, specifically how addiction impacts the brain and what forms of treatment are available for those in need. 



Slots are limited; please call for pre-intake screening
(707) 576-0818

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Mon - Fri: 6am - 11am

Weekends & Holidays: 7am - 10am

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